Truth by Peter Temple

The crime novel of the year; Truth, the sequel to multi-award winning The Broken Shore, is compulsive reading as you step over dead and broken bodies into the dark, wealthy underworld of a corporate Melbourne. Peter Temple is the master of creating bruised and violent characters who act with honour and decency when it suits them. He turns an unflinching eye on the corrupt politics of Melbourne, while keeping you of the edge of your seat as he reintroduces Inspector Steve Villani and his team at Homicide (Dove, Cashin and Jack Irish make a reappearance). For Villani, as the body count rises, all he knows to be true begins to disintegrate. I cant give more away, but I can say that I believe this to be a masterpiece. It is without doubt the most outstanding crime novel I have ever personally read.

Review by Nicole @ greatescapebooks